Last weekend’s progression: flooring

Saturday I spent getting the blog up.  Sunday was for hands on construction.

Never use anything with a melamine coating: 1 side of my base floor was melamine & I used wood glue to attach it to a 2 by 2 & 2 by 6.  The reason I added this was to allow some space under the house for my wiring to run through – I have enough room to tuck in my plug-ins on either end of the house which I can then cover.  Also, I had to extend a 4 inch length of flooring since I wanted the overall size to be 48 by 28, not 48 by 24 (the 2 by 6 secured the 2 pieces nicely, but did add more weight to the structure).

I digress….my point about melamine is that it completed rejected my glue & upon moving the house, the entire 2 by 2 cracked loose.  So I took the plunge & added screws on both the 2 by 2 and 2 by 6.  Better now before laying the floor…..which I did.

I managed to lay the marble floor for the entry hall, plus wide plank wood for the butler’s pantry, & the encaustic tile for the kitchen. Here are some photos.

butlers pantry flooring

butlers pantry


marble hall

marble hall & staircase

marble entry

marble entry hall

encaustic kitchen floor

encaustic kitchen floor



























victorian tile

The big surprise came when weeding out flooring I didn’t need.  Some interesting but rather dull coloured tiling was about to be set aside when I realized it would be perfect for the exterior porch outside the front doors!  Have a look…

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