Drawing Room & Library flooring

drawing room floorToday was the day for the house.  I managed to avoid tackling the servants bells & laid wood floors instead.  I used a previously laid floor with beautiful trim from Small World Minis on eBay (one of my 2 fave suppliers of building materials).  I had to add some extra around the edges (which needs finishing).


drawing room floor detail

I also did the library: I used some assemble-yourself parquet trim which looked amazing once I finished.  I really enjoyed the hands-on part.  I decided to add a star detail afterwards (it was an extra piece I had kicking around).  I even got the wainscot done: complete with secret door….


Afterwards, I set up my newly arrived gothic dining set in the library:  chairs from eBay seller pedalcarsntrains  & trestle table from online store Bijou.  I love these pieces.  You can’t tell, but the chairs are resin.  To the right are my pocket doors into the drawing room.

And if you look close, you can see the secret passage beside the fireplace.  gothic dining room

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