The first floor continues….

I have much to catch up on.  I’ve been busy working on multiple projects.

I’ve recovered some furniture with silks to go with my drawing room & have many more pieces ahead.  I’m waiting until I decide the wallpapers before choosing the fabrics to match.

recovered sofa

recovered drawing room sofa

I made a prototype for my servant’s bells (very Frankenstein, I think): but I can’t tell until I get the real bells whether this is workable or not.  Because the bells are so light, there is not enough weight to produce a fall & consequently a ring.  So I’m using magnets to pull the bell back into place, so the bell pull can be used from another room.  I hope it works in the end.

servant bell prototype

servant bell prototype

I’m having second thoughts about my library wallpaper: it is William Morris & I love the pattern & colour, but it just somehow seems a bit blah.

I am now ready to start choosing the trim colours for the rooms: door & window casings to be painted.  And floors still need polyurethane.  The dining room floor is waiting for trim to arrive before I can lay it out. That will be the last room on the 1st floor.

I am very pleased to have figured out my secret room in the library: again I used magnet to keep the door secure, so only a small amount of pressure is needed to open it. When closed, it just appears to be wainscoting.

hidden door

hidden passage


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