A woman’s prerogative

I admit to a severe lack of initiative this weekend.  But today I shook off my cloak of lazy & go to business.  First, it was taxes (just to warm up).  Then once the Irish breakfast was kicking in, I got to work on the house.  Time flew by.  I wallpapered the entry hall, changed my mind on the library & dining room, printed more wallpaper, enclosed the dumbwaiter, built the drawing room landing, made more stairs, added railing to my 2nd storey stairway & I don’t remember what else.

My big disappointment was that my bells arrived & are clearly not adequate for the job: some don’t even ring & those that do can only be heard by dogs.  Luckily I have enough work to finish on the 1st storey to give me time to figure out a solution to the servant bell conundrum.

Good news:  my 12th scale artichoke rocks.

Pictures are coming…..

Gothic dining room

Gothic dining room

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