A hard day’s work

Despite my lack of postings I have been busy on the house.

Yesterday was a perfect day.  To start, I picked up a large box filled with building materials I had been waiting for.  Those contents shaped my plans for the day.

Having received the flooring trim for the dining room, I laid the floor entirely.

dining room floor

detail of dining room floor

dining room floor

dining room floor in black walnut with trim

Then I moved on to tiling the kitchen walls.  I had a hard time deciding on the kitchen walls.  My Brownstone had wallpaper & wainscot.  But after watching a few period dramas (I get much inspiration from these) I chose a white tile with black diamond corners.  It it a flooring tile, but fits perfectly for a wall treatment.  For the area behind the stove I used an embossed brick paper, which I intend to scuff & blacken.  To finish the kitchen, I glued my new plate rack above the door to the butler’s pantry.


Dumb waiter coming along


kitchen walls

tiling the kitchen walls

plate rack butlers pantry

progression in the butler's pantry

Then I moved on to putting up wainscot in the entry & main hall.  This was tricky: I had to cut the stairs into the wainscot because of its thickness. I also reinforced the floor & wall under the stair to support the overall structure.   In the end it will require some subtle filling to smooth it all out.

Finally, I secured my drawing room landing: there are 2 steps up from the entry hall to a landing where a bay window is.  I plan on placing a secretary there with 2 great pillars I purchased from Sue Cook.  The landing has 2 steps back down into the drawing room.  I decided to also lay black walnut floor on the landing top, but intend to paint the stairs & vertical sides to match the trim in the drawing room.

It was a good day’s work!


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