I decided not to rush the dining room floor – I wasn’t sure about the trim I had, so I’ve ordered something else.  But, I did test out the printer & I’m happy to report that not only does Open Office suffice for my wallpaper graphics, but our printer rocks.

I’ve been copying wallpapers from various websites for years.  One of my favourites is Bradbury & Bradbury. Then I crop & copy into an 11×17 sheet & print.  Afterwards, I spray with a fixative.  And they look great.  Check it out.

drawing room wallpaper

Drawing Room

dining room wallpaper

Dining Room

entry hall wallpaper

Entry Hall

YES glue is my friend

Considering the peeling wallpaper in my Brownstone I knew I’d have to research for a product that worked (not rubber cement).  I found a webpage that told me all I needed to know: thanks Katescats!  She recommended YES glue.  So I ordered some from eBay.  And it works!  It comes in a soft paste that can be spread with a palette.  I used it to lay my flooring.  It doesn’t dry too quickly, so you have time to place & move your paper.  And it doesn’t make the paper bubble, like liquid glues.  Just spread nice & flat if you are using a thin paper otherwise you’ll be able to see the rise of the paste underneath.  I can hardly wait to try it with my wallpaper…..