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Victorian life

McCord Museum: Victorian Period interactive quiz

One of my favourite all time webpages. This interactive game uses Python-esque graphics to walk you through various social settings to see if you could cut it in Victorian society.  Sometimes getting the answer wrong is more amusing than getting it right.


victorian house


I read this book years back & refer to it constantly.  The author has a great writing style & as she goes room by room she gives you the bigger picture of what it was like socially & culturally at the time, with great wit & insight.


what jane austen knew




Here’s another fun read for Victorian enthusiasts who want a primer on how society functioned at all levels.  Want to know what entailing really means?  Or whether a knight or baron has a higher social rank?


Victorian design



I found this great series on  The print is a bit small, but they include great pictures & architectural drawings.


I’ve been buying Victorian Homes for years.  Even since they’ve gone modern on the cover, they still focus the content on older Victorian homes & design.  A great source for ideas.


Costume & Dollmaking

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Other Enthusiasts

Sweetington on Flickr   A kindred spirit with multiple houses, styles, & even creates a whole historical background to her work (complete with fictional characters).

Casey’s Minis Blog  I hope that my blog will be as prolific as this!


Historic Dollhouses

I’ve linked mostly to videos that tour the rooms rather than to static webpages.  Hope you enjoy!

Titania’s Palace

Queen Mary’s Dollhouse

Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle

Thorne Miniature Rooms

Henry Kupjack’s Miniature Rooms

A World in Miniature Musuem (follow the link from the main page to view the collections)

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