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I’ve been collecting 12th scale furnishings, supplies, & miscellany for over 4 years & I still manage to find new & great pieces beyond some the pedestrian..  Not that I don’t use inexpensive supplies (ie Houseworks) but upgrading has made the end result much more realistic.  And I love hunting for treasures.

This is a list of some folks I’ve purchased from at least once, or would like to.  Many are UK based & are happy to ship to North America.  Rule Britannia!

Sue Cook PiecesSue Cook Miniatures      I searched high & low for a decent sized gothic arched fireplace for my top floor gallery/ball room.  And she had several.  Not to mention dozens of other great architectural detailing from overmantels to columns.  Did I mention she is also a very nice lady?



York Miniature Scene  I found some amazing gothic windows at this site, as well as gargoyles, angels statues, & more.  Check out their ‘church related items’ for some rare pieces.

New England Miniatures  Oh the lovely furniture – Tudor, Art Nouveau, & more.  Quality pieces from JBM & Bespaq, plus others.  And really great prices.  They also have an excellent resource blog on Victorian Houses.

Jennifer’s of Walsall  This site has many of the Phoenix metal kits & Warwick metal pieces.  They also have a series of books with 1/12th scale costume for dolls for several periods from Regency through Victorian.  Each book has several costumes & also includes information on wigging, hats, & more.

jimcoatesvictorianJim Coates on Ebay      I have a passion for fireplaces.  Right now I have several more than I actually need for my dollhouse, but I like to have a selection.  I’ve purchased 3 amazing fireplaces from Jim: the detail is incredible considering the scale & they are solid (no chipping like some molded pieces).  On top of that he also carries some great fine furniture.

Glenheim Miniatures on eBay  Crowns & sceptres,  knights in armour, Tudor furniture & other fine pieces.  A nice concise collection of unique pieces at great prices.

Dollhouse UOL HK  I don’t get the name, but at these prices I don’t care.  First, the shipping is free.  Second, they sell quality pieces (Jiayi, Bespaq, & more) at prices that are usually about 1/2 regular retail.  And I’ve seen pieces on here that I have never found anywhere else.  They ship fast & carefully wrap their pieces.  Love them!

Small World Minis on eBay  I’ve been collecting pieces from Small World for over 4 years.  It is one of the best sources for building supplies floors, trim, hardware, & more.  They have an incredible selection of fine furniture & unique pieces, some are exclusively auction, some are Buy-it-Now.

Manchester Wood Works on eBay  This is my other main source for building supplies.  I seem to put an order in every other week.  The selection is extensive for building & architectural supplies & the seller is great – he emailed me when I accidentally ordered the wrong scale windows.

Vintage Victorian Woodworks on eBay  If you want great detailing this is the place to go.  Specializing in laser cut wood work:  fretwork, finials, brackets, shelves +

Miniature Corner on eBay  This seller has beautiful medieval tapestries, ceiling panels & laminated flooring.

Little Things on eBay  Great small stuff: newspapers, Titanic documents, girlie pictures for your gentleman, sundries and more.

Phoenix Metal Kits      I find this mostly from UK merchants either on eBay or from some of my linked pages here.   I was completely won over after installed a fireplace insert into a boring wood fireplace mantel (which I had painted black).  I painted a basecoat of red onto the insert, then rubbed gold into the pattern imprinted on the metal.  The result was amazing – I had a perfect Moorish styled fireplace for my drawing room.  Now I have more pieces waiting: an umbrella stand, a dinner gong, fireplace fenders, & some phonograph records.  Can someone give me more time in my day please?



Will Werson Doll Costume

Georgina Ritson Dolls

Elisa Fenoglio Dolls




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