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When building a dollhouse from scratch just isn’t enough…


I couldn’t afford the high end dolls I came across, but it did inspire me to do my own.  After all, what’s the point of graduating from a fashion design school if I can’t make my own costumes?  Of course pattern making & sewing in 1/12th scale is a whole other thing…

Luckily I came across many great artisans who had tutorials on their pages (see my artisans & sources page).

I don’t make my own molds – I use existing dolls, then defrock & dewig them.

My first attempt was making a Scarlet O’Hara from what had been a pixie-ish looking chef.  I was happy for my first try, but Scarlet looks like she’s been engaging in the pugilistic arts.


"I get so bored I could scream!"

My next doll was a Victorian lady in a house/day costume for the 1870-1880s.  It was better than my first attempt, but the scale of the trim was too big.  I was really happy with her hair however.  It was an improvement on Scarlet’s hair.  I tried using techniques for acrylic hair, but it was impossible to work with.  So I ordered mohair from the UK, which was soft & natural & looked more realistic.

1870's day dress

Back of the 1870's day dress


Front of 1870's day dress

Now I realized that 1) I needed to use dolls with more delicate limbs; 2) I needed finer trims; 3) if I was using a glue gun I had to be very careful that it not show; 4) I needed more detailing

Here’s my 3rd doll.  Again it was meant to be a day dress but I made the mistake of not making the sleeves longer.  And this wouldn’t cut it as a ball gown with the shoulders covered.  Quel dommage!  I love the colours & her wig turned out great.


Gold day dress with teal trim


Back of gold day dress with teal trim

I learn as I go on each dress.  I use minimal sewing – just for the main seams & for the hems.  Then it’s all about strategic glueing.  I also learned how to apply small beads for jewellry.

My favourite & last project was a Victorian wedding dress, which isn’t quite finished (need wigging & veiling).  I love this dress most of all.  I used a wired ribbon to ruche the front skirt which turned out spectacularly.


Victorian wedding dress detail


victorian wedding dress

Back of Victorian wedding dress


victorian wedding dress

Side of Victorian wedding dress



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