I decided not to rush the dining room floor – I wasn’t sure about the trim I had, so I’ve ordered something else.  But, I did test out the printer & I’m happy to report that not only does Open Office suffice for my wallpaper graphics, but our printer rocks.

I’ve been copying wallpapers from various websites for years.  One of my favourites is Bradbury & Bradbury. Then I crop & copy into an 11×17 sheet & print.  Afterwards, I spray with a fixative.  And they look great.  Check it out.

drawing room wallpaper

Drawing Room

dining room wallpaper

Dining Room

entry hall wallpaper

Entry Hall

Drawing Room & Library flooring

drawing room floorToday was the day for the house.  I managed to avoid tackling the servants bells & laid wood floors instead.  I used a previously laid floor with beautiful trim from Small World Minis on eBay (one of my 2 fave suppliers of building materials).  I had to add some extra around the edges (which needs finishing).


drawing room floor detail

I also did the library: I used some assemble-yourself parquet trim which looked amazing once I finished.  I really enjoyed the hands-on part.  I decided to add a star detail afterwards (it was an extra piece I had kicking around).  I even got the wainscot done: complete with secret door….


Afterwards, I set up my newly arrived gothic dining set in the library:  chairs from eBay seller pedalcarsntrains  & trestle table from online store Bijou.  I love these pieces.  You can’t tell, but the chairs are resin.  To the right are my pocket doors into the drawing room.

And if you look close, you can see the secret passage beside the fireplace.  gothic dining room

Still blogging

I’m trying to flesh out my pages here.  I’ve added quite a bit this weekend, including a new page “my dolls”, & content on “tools & supplies”, “artisans & sources”, “books & links”, as well as finishing up the “this project”.  Enjoy.  Tomorrow I shall work on the house.

Here’s some stuff that arrived this week…

Ram's head

Ram's head

Pets for a Gothic Victorian

If you don't feed them they go straight back!


Not for delicate feminine sensibilities

YES glue is my friend

Considering the peeling wallpaper in my Brownstone I knew I’d have to research for a product that worked (not rubber cement).  I found a webpage that told me all I needed to know: thanks Katescats!  She recommended YES glue.  So I ordered some from eBay.  And it works!  It comes in a soft paste that can be spread with a palette.  I used it to lay my flooring.  It doesn’t dry too quickly, so you have time to place & move your paper.  And it doesn’t make the paper bubble, like liquid glues.  Just spread nice & flat if you are using a thin paper otherwise you’ll be able to see the rise of the paste underneath.  I can hardly wait to try it with my wallpaper…..

To build or blog, that is the question

tudor dollhouse piecesToday I had planned to work on some more construction bits.  But having 3 days off, why rush?  Besides, I have so much to add to these pages. In the meantime, check out these amazing pieces I’ve collected.  The gothic windows & gargoyles were a great find from York Miniature Scene. The tapestry & other pieces came from sellers on eBay – many will be included in my ‘artisans & sources’ page once I get there….

Dumbwaiter & secret room

So after I laid some floors last weekend, I also worked on two extra special projects: building a dumbwaiter & a hidden room behind a fireplace.



The dumbwaiter is going to run from the kitchen, to the 2nd & 3rd storeys.  It is large enough for a person (well, a 1/12 size person) to get in.  I had to make a tray myself out of balsa wood (easy to cut), which I glue gunned together.  Then I added wiring to the corners.  I can’t create an actually pulley system until I start working on the next floor.


secret room

secret room

The hidden room is behind the fireplace in the entry hall (which is placed in a corner against a thin wall).  I’ve cut out a square in the wall over where I’m going to mount a painting in which I can cut out the eyes for spying.  This may take a few tries, being so tiny.  Access will be from the beside the library fireplace: I’m using wainscot to cover the access & will probably use some kind of spring hinge on the inside to keep it closed.

Last weekend’s progression: flooring

Saturday I spent getting the blog up.  Sunday was for hands on construction.

Never use anything with a melamine coating: 1 side of my base floor was melamine & I used wood glue to attach it to a 2 by 2 & 2 by 6.  The reason I added this was to allow some space under the house for my wiring to run through – I have enough room to tuck in my plug-ins on either end of the house which I can then cover.  Also, I had to extend a 4 inch length of flooring since I wanted the overall size to be 48 by 28, not 48 by 24 (the 2 by 6 secured the 2 pieces nicely, but did add more weight to the structure).

I digress….my point about melamine is that it completed rejected my glue & upon moving the house, the entire 2 by 2 cracked loose.  So I took the plunge & added screws on both the 2 by 2 and 2 by 6.  Better now before laying the floor…..which I did.

I managed to lay the marble floor for the entry hall, plus wide plank wood for the butler’s pantry, & the encaustic tile for the kitchen. Here are some photos.

butlers pantry flooring

butlers pantry


marble hall

marble hall & staircase

marble entry

marble entry hall

encaustic kitchen floor

encaustic kitchen floor



























victorian tile

The big surprise came when weeding out flooring I didn’t need.  Some interesting but rather dull coloured tiling was about to be set aside when I realized it would be perfect for the exterior porch outside the front doors!  Have a look…