Servant’s bells

I have a set of stationary bells on a wood plaque.  They look good, but I need more.  I want them to work.  I mean, imagine Downton Abbey without the incessant ringing below stairs….But I’ve been doing much hunting for something that works.  And I’ve found nada, niente, nichts.

I’ve got 7 rooms I want to connect….Clearly, I need to create my own.  But how…..

I love Mondays

I had a feeling today was going to be good.  I’ve been waiting impatiently for a few new acquisitions to arrive so I can carry on with constructing the 1st floor.  In particular, a bay window & gothic door for the drawing room.

If things go well (and I don’t spend all day here playing with blogging features) I may even get some electrical wired, or flooring done.

But there’s one thing I’ve learned after building 1 house already: never rush.

Day one: laying the foundation

One cannot begin a project of this enormity without some assam.  And so it begins…. And by the end of the day: voila!  The first floor of my 3 storey mansion has been completed.



Forget Dremmel, or hand saws.  I used a light-weight cordless saw & had my windows & doorways done tout suite.  Luckily the trim will cover my tiny overcuts.

My dog hates me now that I play with minis & not with her.


Who will be the first to read my virgin post?

Today I wondered “Will I ever get a blog started?”….the purpose of it all is to chronicle the building of my new 1/12th scale Victorian mansion (with Gothic Revival elements).  This I began last weekend, but its construction is happening faster than a carriage racing through the Yorkshire countryside.  And so, I must go & edit this strange & new landscape for your viewing & reading pleasure….