tool & supply checklist

What I use to get the job done…



  • glues: wood glue, glue gun, & wallpaper/floor glue
  • saws: most folks use a dremmel to make cuts, I prefer a small cordless circular saw because it’s faster for all my cutting (even windows & door).  I save the dremmel for tiny corners & tidying up rough edges.  I also have a mini mitre hand saw for trim & woodwork.
  • drill: useful for making wiring holes & more
  • rulers: I use a L square plus a small standard school ruler (both metal with cork on the bottom to help keep slippage to a minimum)
  • xacto knife
  • pencils pencils pencils
  • stains & finishes: I like the Minwax Polyshades: they combine stain & finish & can be bought in small cans in a large range of colours.
  • paints: I use acrylics for most furniture & trim
  • primer: definitely a must-need for providing a base for the wallpapers & flooring.  I didn’t use it on my other house, & my wallpaper peeled in no time

Wallpaper samples

Building supplies & architectural pieces

  • hardboard from Home Depot for the walls & floor
  • windows & doors: how many? what style?
  • flooring: real wood plank sheets, paper, laminate, marble sheets, plus wood floor trim for more realistic look
  • wall covering: paper, tiles (plastic, laminate sheets, individual tiles)
  • electrial: 32 gauge dollhouse wire, transformers, electrical plugs
  • lighting: yeah baby – most rooms need at least 2 lights.  If you add a fireplace, add wiring for a fireplace insert (coal or flame).  This really adds to the ambience.  I use a combination of ceiling lights, sconces, & table lamps in my rooms.  Usually about 2-3 lights plus a fireplace ember/flame does the trick.
  • architectural details: stairs & railings (you can get these premade inexpensively on eBay if you don’t want to do it yourself), crown molding & baseboards, wainsoting (optional, but you can use wood plank flooring as well), door/window casings (most doors comes with trim, but if you want to go beyond the average, add some rosebud corners & plinths at the base),  window inserts: stained glass or leaded glass that can be cut to fit, door knobs (there is a lot of variety out there: have a look on eBay), fireplaces (my favourite!)

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